NOTIMEHERE is an art initiative founded by myself, Victor-Alan Weeks, in 2016 to help display various aspects of my life regarding art, nature, along many other passions and adventures.

Freelance photographer, videographer, designer, rapper, outdoorsman.

I am a student at Davidson College creating a major in Digital Media, but I grew up in Southwest Atlanta where I attended Benjamin Elijah Mays High School. I am currently a freelance photographer, videographer, and Co Founder of NXT LVL ENT and NXT LVL, Davidson’s first professional rap group.

From Left to Right: MC Brooklyn (Lawrence King), Legacy (Bradford Grant), Pragmatic (Victor-Alan Weeks)

Through my art and other creations, I aim to encourage and inspire onlookers to spread positivity, chase their passions, and most importantly unify for a common goal of building up community. I feel the arts is an area often overlooked when in fact I believe it is one of the most monumental methods of change considering visual and sonic attributes are major components of today’s society.

Designed by Victor-Alan Weeks. Located at the Ada Jenkins LEARN Works facility in Davidson, NC.

Through NOTIMEHERE I will showcase and document my progression and development as an artist and I hope you enjoy the journey.

Thank You,
Victor-Alan Weeks

-Matthew 6:33